AOMD 2007

The Third Workshop on Aspect-Oriented and
Model-Driven Software Development

June 12, 2007 - Haifa, Israel

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In conjunction with the 2007 European Conference on Model Driven Architecture (ECMDA)


We are interested in submissions on all topics relating to aspect-oriented software
development (AOSD) and model-driven software development (MDSD), including,
but not limited to:

  •  Complementary techniques for solving common problems in AOSD and MDSD;

    - Defining the common problem space;
    - Defining the specific solution spaces of AOP and MDSD;
    - Defining the overlap between the solution spaces;
    - Defining areas of excellence for each solution;
    - Combination of separated concerns in AOP and MDSD;
    - Aspect-weaving vs. Model-weaving;

  •  Defining DSLs or UML extensions to support AOP;

    - Graphical modelling of aspects;
    - Use of Visual Languages;
    - Classification of aspects from the point of view of graphical modelling;
    - Verification and validation of aspect-oriented models;

  •  Cooperation and competition between AOP and MDSD

- Generative techniques for transforming models into executable AOPbased
- Automatic or semi-automatic transformation of aspects into models;
- Other combined solutions

  •  Methodological issues

  •  Tool Support for combined AOP/MDSD;

  •  Common application areas of AOP and MDSD

    - Aspects in software architecture and frameworks;
    - Relations to design patterns;
    - Platform dependence and independence
    - Handling of functional and non-functional aspects;
    - Other application areas;
    - Case studies

  •  Applications of AOP/MDSD combined/coordinated with solutions in other areas
    (Data engineering, XML, Web engineering, Ontology engineering, etc);

  •  Verification aspects



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