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Aspect-Oriented Requirements Engineering and Architecture Design

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AOSD 2002
April 22, 2002,
University of Twente, Enschede,
The Netherlands


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Workshop Papers

The table below includes the papers which have been accepted after a reviewing process from the submitted papers.  You can download them separately or as one document (1.5 Mb) including all the papers below.

Title Author(s)
A requirements model for quality attributes I. Brito, A.Moreira, J. Araujo
From requirements to Monitors by way of Aspects A. Dingwal-Smith, A. Finkelstein
Mining Aspects N. Loughran, A. Rashid
Architectural Aspects K. Mens
Towards the Identification of Concerns in Personalization Mechanisms via Scenarios C. Mesquita, S. Barbosa, C. de Lucena
On Objects, Aspects, and Specifications Addressing their Collaboration T. Mikkonen
Aspects+GAMMA=AspectGAMMA: A Formal Framework for Aspect-Oriented Specification M. Mousavi, G. Russello, M. Chaudron, M.A. Reniers, T. Basten, A. Corsaro, S. Shukla, R. Gupta, D. Schmid
Aspect-Oriented Software Architecture: a Structural Perspective A.Navasa, M.A. Perez, J.M. Murillo, J. Hernandez
Towards an Aspect-Oriented Approach to Improve the Reusability of Software Process Models R.Q. Reis, C.A. Lima Reis, H. Schlebbe, D.J. Nunes
QCCS: A Methodology for the Development of Contract-Aware Components Based on Aspect-Oriented Design A. Sassen, G. Amoros, P. Donth, K. Geihs, J. Jezequel, K. Odent, N. Plouzeau, T. Weis
Early-Stage Concern Modeling S.M. Sutton Jr.