Early Aspects 2004: 
Aspect-Oriented Requirements Engineering and Architecture Design

Workshop March 22, 2004, Lancaster, UK

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Early Aspects

In conjunction with 3rd International Conference on Aspect-Oriented Software Development 
March 22-26, 2004,
Lancaster, UK

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Example Case: Examination Assistant System (EAS)

A software company aims to deliver products for automatic support for examination systems. Examination systems can be applied for a wide range of domains including assessment of courses at the primary school, university, or any kind of domain in which questioning and assessments are required (examination for drivers' lessons, IQ-tests, etc.).  The tutor should have the opportunity to select different question types including multiple choice questions, alternative choices, open-ended, fill in the blanks, match the items and order items question types. The tutor must be able to customize the selected question types and edit/update/delete instantiated questions. There should be a mechanism to define the order in which the questions need to be answered. In addition the tutor may need to monitor the students while answering the questions.

Timing constraints can be imposed on the duration of question, response time and individual elements in the question content. The tutor must be able to provide answers to the related questions. The answers will be dependent on the question types.

There must be means to set evaluation criteria and grade the answers to the questions. Grading may depend on various factors such as the studentís characteristics (age, class, background knowledge etc.). Timing may be an important parameter for the grading as well.  The system may support the student in answering the questions. This may be based on simple hints or very complex guidance in which the solution domain is provided.

 Example scenarios:


Change UI


Add logging of student operations


Add monitoring


Change the student profile


Change question types