Early Aspects 2004: 
Aspect-Oriented Requirements Engineering and Architecture Design

Workshop March 22, 2004, Lancaster, UK

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Early Aspects

In conjunction with 3rd International Conference on Aspect-Oriented Software Development 
March 22-26, 2004,
Lancaster, UK

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Workshop Papers

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Title Authors
Finding Aspects in Requirements with Theme/Doc E. Baniassad, S. Clarke
Identifying Aspects using Architectural Reasoning L. Bass, M. Klein, L. Northrop
Facets of Concerns C. Bogdan
Integrating the NFR framework in a RE model I. Brito, A. Moreira
Tracing Aspects in Goal driven Requirements of Process Control Systems I. El-Maddah, T. Maibaum
Aspect-Orientation from Design to Code I. Groher, T. Baumgarth
Problems, Subproblems and Concerns M. Jackson
Aspect-Oriented Context Modeling for Embedded Systems T. Kishi, N. Noda
Generating Aspect-Oriented Architectures U. Kulesza, A. Garcia, C. Lucena
Concerned about Separation H. Mili, A. Elkharraz, H. Mcheick
Refining Feature Driven Development - A Methodology for Early Aspects J. Pang, L. Blair
On imperfection in information as an "early" crosscutting concern and its mapping to aspect-oriented design M. Sicilia, E. Garcia
Separation of Crosscutting Concerns from Requirements to Design: Adapting the Use Case Driven Approach G. Sousa, S. Soares,
P. Borba, J. Castro
Modeling Pointcuts D. Stein, S. Hanenberg,
R. Unland